Feb 23, 2024
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We hope we've sparked your interest with the CommunityCalendars.net story, and the success experienced in the St. Louis region. Here's what our Community Calendar says about us to the thousands of visitors who come to the site each day - and what we know your Community Calendar will say to those thousands about you:
We're Vibrant! Whether users live in the region, or are assessing the region for potential relocation or establishment of a new business, they immediately see the level of activity and opportunities, and the high overall quality of life we offer.
We're Connected! Having the Community Calendar as a centralized source creates the perception and reality of connectiveness. Users can learn more � and add information - about any part of the region regardless of any segregating factors.
We're a Great Place to Visit! The Community Calendar features arts, entertainment and cultural events that attract visitors � visitors who spend money in the area and support other businesses.
We're a Great Place To Live! A connected community with high levels of involvement and commitment increases quality of life � both culturally and economically.
So now's the time to Join the Network! The CommunityCalendars.net network is a centralized website allowing users from your area and all over the world to locate a specific community calendar directly from our site. So, if Jane down the street wants to know about the next pottery class at the local college, or Antonio in Spain is trying to find a great place to take the family on a US vacation, all of the information they need is right at their fingertips!
Whether your community already has an official recognized calendar, or desperately needs one, we've created two easy plans to get your community up and running as quickly as possible.
Licensed Members: If your community currently has no official, recognized calendar or none as good as this design you can license the CommunityCalendars.net web application and set it up for your area in just a few days. You get all the functionality, quality, and ease of use as the original site � all for your community. From the centralized CommunityCalendars.net site your site will be linked, so users from anywhere and everywhere can learn more about what's going on in your community!
  Licenses are sold by market, and licensed sites become the exclusive site in the CommunityCalendars.net network for that market. Initial investment is minimal and time commitment is flexible. What a great home-based business opportunity, fundraiser for your organization or enhancement of the information your media provider offers! If you are committed to your community, want to provide a great service through the calendar, and like the idea of soliciting sponsorships and advertisements for your site, you can build a successful business with great income opportunity! Contact us to find out how!
Affiliate Members: If your community already has an online calendar that is recognized as the official site for events listings, you can still take advantage of listing your calendar on the centralized CommunityCalendars.net site, drawing users from anywhere and everywhere to the happenings of your community. As an Affiliate Member, you maintain the function and technology of your existing site rather than licensing the CommunityCalendars.net application, yet gain the opportunity to attract visitors from our centralized site. Contact us for more information on Affiliate Memberships.

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